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Welcome to Seven Canyons

Before Your Round

Play Seven Canyons Sedona


We ask you to observe “country club casual” attire. No jeans, fitness, or swim attire on the course or practice facility. Men require a collared shirt. Ladies’ blouses should have a collar or finished edge. Mid-length or Bermuda length shorts are acceptable. Golf or sneaker style footwear is required. Metal spikes or shoes with a protruding heel are not allowed.


Cellular service is limited in the canyon. If you choose to leave your phone on (picture taking is encouraged), we recommend you switch to airplane mode to save battery. Free wi-fi is available in and around the Clubhouse.

GOLF CART USESeven Canyons golf cart

  • Any operator must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Cart Paths Only will be required during periods of excess rainfall. Please contact the golf shop to determine if restrictions exist. Handicap Flags may be issued at the club management’s discretion.
  • Keep golf carts at least 30 yards from any green, and 30 feet from any bunker.
  • Do not drive in the native area.
  • All Par-3’s are Cart Path Only.


Restrooms are located at the Clubhouse at Hole #9 tee, and at the comfort station by Hole #15 green. You may also collect additional bottled water at these stops.


Choosing the appropriate set of tees is encouraged for your enjoyment and to maintain a suitable pace-of-play.
When compared with other courses, the target design and small undulating greens may be more suitable from
a shorter length than you normally play.

Golfers at Seven Canyons

based on your average driver length:

Less than 190 yards    Forward (burgundy) tees
190 – 230 yards          Regular (white) tees
230 – 270 yards          Member (blue) tees
More than 270 yards  Weiskopf (black) tees

*combo tees are rated and indicated on the scorecard.


Your cart’s GPS system provides distances to the flag and other relevant objects. The screen is touch sensitive and useful for determining which club to hit and where to aim. Besides acting as your forecaddie, it is also your beverage cart. The menu will allow you to order food and drink anytime during your round. A message can be sent to the Golf Shop if you need assistance. The system will also notify you of inclement weather, when you should immediately return to the Clubhouse.

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As a Courtesy


Golfer at Seven Canyons

  • Practice balls are to remain at the Practice Park.
  • Fill divots with sand & seed provided on the golf cart and par-3 tees. Replacement bottles are available on
    holes 2, 9, 11 & 16.
  • Fix your and two other ball marks on each green by “coring” the divot and pulling turf toward the center.
  • Properly dispose of all trash, cigar/cigarette butts, and sunflower seed shells. Trash bins are located on
    holes 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15 & 18.
  • Plastic water bottles may be left in the cart for the staff to recycle.
  • Broken tees should be collected and placed in a tee caddy when available.
  • Bunker rakes should be re-positioned with the head in the sand and handle out, near a low point.
  • Music may be enjoyed, but please keep the volume at a level which can only be heard by your cart riders.


Our allowable pace is four hours for 18 holes (your GPS will indicate if you are exceeding that time). Foursomes
playing on-pace are encouraged to wave faster play through. However, on busy days, if your pace is behind,
it is preferable for you to catch-up rather than allowing players to pass. You may be asked by the staff to skip
holes if falling far enough behind.